The Kalaa Sakhi Livelihood Project

We've all heard how it goes: “If you teach a man to fish, he’ll eat for a lifetime. But you teach a woman to fish and she’ll feed the whole village.” 
- Hilary Clinton

The Kalaa Sakhi Livelihood Project is based on the belief that women's financial independence is a keystone to empowerment, and consequently to the betterment of our society at large. 

This belief is embedded in our mission of ensuring sustainable livelihoods through sustainable design. We recognise the constraints - time, social, economic - that women face and aim to work around them to create marketable opportunities. 

We strongly believe in the magic, warmth and love that women bring through their creations. We dream of a world where machines are discarded for the handmade, and where commodities are discarded for creations.

In the search for a skillset that can be rapidly adopted by the ladies, practised from the comfort of their homes and be valued in the market; we chanced upon crochet.

The crochet thread links conscious consumers to revolutionary women, who are breaking gender barriers through their handicraft.

Come, join us in the Crochet Revolution

Love from Kalaa Sakhis